RJ builds website for La Costa Invest

RJ has been selected to build a new website to the danish real estate agent in Torremolinos, La Costa Invest. It will be a full fledged database driven website with administration interface to enter properties and of course search and presentation as well as Google search engine optimization.

Testwinner.co.uk redesigned

RJ has thrown out the old testwinner.co.uk and replaced with a new one. The dark background is used to highlight the products described on the site.
More room has been given to content, thanks to a much smaller page header.
Comments are appreciated!!

RJ launches svenskt.es (swedish.es)

All swedes travelling, living, buying or selling from, in or to Spain, can now take advantage of Reine Johansson‘s latest creation, Svenskt.es. For starters, everybody selling services or goods specifically to swedes can get their own presentation page, for better exposure in search engines and to everybody searching swedish products and services in Spain.

If you have comments or suggestions, feel free to express them using the form below.